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…to FR Rotary's web page. Here you can find information regarding different things that happen in the Rotary area.

FR Rotary is an association for the tenants at Rotary student housing in Gothenburg. Our task is to contribute to a good social environment for the tenants and we arrange activities for all residents at Rotary.

For some general information regarding FR Rotary, its board and its members: see About FR Rotary.


For an overview of our activities you can read Minutes from house meetings from the open meetings arranged twice a year. They will be announced through the boards around Rotary and on this web page.

FR Rotary continuously interacts with the landlord SGS Studentbostäder. For more insight into the cooperation you can look at Minutes from quarterly meetings between FR Rotary and SGS Johanneberg.

House parties

Twice a year house parties are arranged in Rotary Pub by FR Rotary. If you have lived here for a while, you have certainly seen the posters on the doors when the party is near. If not, or if you want to see them again, go to the page about our House parties.


Do you want to join the board? See Become a member for more information.


2015-05-09: House party

This is quite preliminary information, but there are indications on that the house party will be revived on the 9 May 2015. Consider it a sure thing if/when you see posters put up in the Rotary area!

2015-03-31: House meeting

The house meeting draws up FR Rotary's main guide lines for its coming activities. All tenants at Rotary are welcome, encouraged even, to participate and hear what we do with your money.

This year's spring meeting will take place on Tuesday the 31 March 2015 at 18.00 in Rotary Pub.

All bills received by FR Rotary at least three days before the meeting will be treated.

The meeting is over. Minutes will be available when they have been adjusted.