About FR Rotary's activities

A large part of FR Rotary's continuous activities consists of regular communication with SGS regarding the tenants' wishes concerning the area's future development. As we live here ourselves, we also function as a link that SGS utilizes to keep in touch with their tenants.

Our activities are ever changing, but larger tasks that have been running for a long time include:

Rotary Pub
In the student housing, a pub is run with a general alcohol serving permit. The pub is run non-profit through "Källarmästeriet", a sub-organization within FR Rotary. For more information, see Rotary Pub's website.
House parties
Twice a year a party for the tenants is arranged by FR Rotary in Rotary Pub. The ticket price is subsidized by FR Rotary and for a low price a long evening with a three course dinner and a happy FR Rotary is offered. For more info regarding earlier house parties, see House parties.
Barbecue party
Before the schools take a summer break, FR Rotary arranges a big barbecue party in the yard where food is sold at subsidized prices. Not least because of students inherent love of cheap food, this arrangement is usually well attended.
Gymnastics hall
Within the student housing there is a gymnastics hall which is free to use for the tenants. FR Rotary also offers lending of some sports equipment.
Workshop and tools
If you need an insensitive environment for smaller projects, there is a workshop available for reservation for the tenants. FR Rotary also provides lending of several tools including sewing machine, screw gun, simple soldering equipment, etc. Contact hustomte at fr-rotary com if you are interested in the service.
Lending of board games
In Rotary Pub, FR Rotary has placed a number of board games that can be lended by the tenants. Contact the pub during its open hours for more information.
FR Rotary have bought a billiards table with equipment for use by tenants. It is available for booking through "My pages" on SGS's homepage or through the booking terminals near the laundry rooms. Balls and cues are available in the room.

This was a sample of FR Rotary's activities. More info is available in the information sheet that you as tenant probably received when moving to Rotary.