Below you can see a selection of images of FR Rotary's members and its activities and the area around Rotary student housing.

Pictures from the house parties are collected on a separate page, see House parties.

It can be said that our main responsibilities are neither to be photographers nor models.

FR Rotary

Group picture 2012–03–31.
Happy Italian FR 2012–03–31.
Group picture 2011–11–26.
Happy sporty FR 2011–11–26.
Group picture 2011–04–16.
Happy German FR 2011–04–16.
Group picture 2010–11–20.
Happy trashy FR 2010–11–20.
Group picture 2010–03–27.
Happy Soviet FR 2010–03–27.
Group picture 2009–11–07.
Pretty happy pirate FR 2009–11–07.
Group picture 2009–04–04.
Happy Japanese FR 2009–04–04.
Group picture 2008–11–09.
Happy godlike FR 2008–11–09.
Group picture 2008–04–13.
Hungry hungry FR 2008–04–13.
House party purchases 2008–04–10.
Happy recruits shop pineapples and chicken to a house party 2008–04–10.
Group picture 2007–05–05.
Happy heroic FR 2007–05–05.
Group picture 2001.
Happy glamorous FR 2001.
Group picture 2000.
Happy ready-to-eat FR 2000.
Group picture 1999–2000.
Happy comfy FR 1999–2000.

Rotary student housing

The water tower.
The water tower does what it does best and towers a blooming Rotary.